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Oct 20 2023 Building An Inclusive Workplace  Supporting Lgbt Employees Across Borders

Building an Inclusive Workplace: Supporting LGBT Employees Across Borders

Time 07:00-10:00

Location London

​​🌈✨ How can we create an inclusive workplace that transcends borders? Last week we teamed up with our friends from Indeed Flex for a panel discussion where we explored what it means to foster a su...

Sep 29 2023 Group (2) Copy

Making Safety Seen: Amplifying Women in Engineering

Time 07:00-09:00

RSVP here​​Safety and equity harmonise with success – how can we champion both for women in Engineering? Come along to BioTalent Social’s latest networking initiative/panel discussion on 28th Septe...

Aug 01 2023 Navigating Code Switching With Kmla Sharma

Navigating Code Switching with Kmla Sharma

Time 23:00-00:00

​Listen to our latest Race in STEM episode featuring Founder Steve Fuller and Hubspot Tech Lead, Kmla Sharma.Kmla is an Indian-born Irish woman who has lived in Ireland for the last 28 years. She h...

Jul 25 2023 From Adversity To Entrepreneurship With Christine Noonan

From Adversity to Entrepreneurship with Christine Noonan

Time 23:00-00:00

​Join us for our latest LinkedIn Live session. Steven Fullerand special guest Christine Nsubuga Noonanwill discuss Christine's path to entrepreneurship, founding Klëm Digital Wardrobe Technology, a...

Jun 27 2023 Supporting Talent Of Tomorrow With Chinedu Madichie

Supporting Talent of Tomorrow with Chinedu Madichie

Time 23:00-00:00

​Chinedu is a senior quality and regulatory compliance leader with a passion for improving health equity across the world. With over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, his exper...

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Embracing Diversity: Paving the Way for Inclusivity in Tech

Time 08:00-09:00

​Is diversity the key to a brighter future in tech?​Last week saw Race in STEM host our first in-person panel session at this year’s Dublin Tech Summit. Founder Steven Fuller was joined by Mike A.,...

May 30 2023 Embracing Diversity

Embracing Diversity: Paving the Way for Inclusivity in Tech

Time 02:15-02:50

​We hosted our very first in-person panel session at this year’s Dublin Tech Summit! Founder Steven Fuller was joined by Mike Adebiyi, Grace Hayes, Christine Noonan and Kmla Sharma where we discuss...

May 14 2023 Exploring Identity With Rosemary Lakeru

Exploring Identity with Rosemary Lakeru

Time 23:00-00:00

​​Join us for Episode 2 in our Race in STEM interview series with Rosemary Lakeruis, exploring identity.Rosemary Lakeruis the Founder and CEO of ACORN IQ, a data-driven clinical research Patient Re...

Apr 19 2023 Leading With Confidence With Olivia Cream

Leading with Confidence with Olivia Cream

Time 13:00-13:00

​​Save the date! On 25th April, we will be joined by the fabulousOlivia Grant-Creamfor our upcoming Race in STEM LinkedIn Live session. In this episode, Olivia will discuss how to channel your inne...

Apr 11 2023 Exploring Faith With Ailon Haileyesus

Exploring Faith with Ailon Haileyesus

Time 23:00-00:00

​​Join us with Ailon Haileyesus as we explore the topic of Faith.Ailon Haileyesus is a Staff Engineer at Stryker - developing products for spine surgeries while interacting directly with surgeons w...

Mar 29 2023 Philosophical Thinking With James Kusena

Philosophical Thinking with James Kusena

Time 06:00-07:00

​​Save the date: our next LinkedIn Live session will be taking place on 28th March at 5 PM (GMT) with the fabulous James Kusena PhD! In this episode, hosted by Founder and Global Communities Dir...

Mar 01 2023 Screenshot 2023 03 01 At 11

Clinical Quality: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

Time 06:00-07:30

Location Global

Our BioTalent Social community came together for our webinar, ‘Clinical Quality: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities,’ hosted by our very own Charlotte Morris. Consistent quality is the touchstone...

Feb 23 2023 Recognising Usa Black History Month Talking Resistance With Sharmaine Kelly

Recognising USA Black History Month: Talking Resistance with Sharmaine Kelly

Time 12:00-12:00

​​This February marks US Black History Month, with the chosen theme for this year being Black Resistance. At Race in STEM, we will be exploring this particular theme with the wonderful Sharmaine Ke...

Feb 22 2023 Women In Stem Breaking Biases And Celebrating Excellence

Women in STEM: Breaking Biases and Celebrating Excellence

Time 06:00-07:00

​We held our very first Race in STEM webinar, ‘Women in STEM: Combating Biases and Celebrating Excellence’ hosted by FounderSteven Fuller. We spoke about the challenges and biases women have histor...

Feb 08 2023 1676381448294

Creating Inclusive LGBTQIA+ Workplaces

Time 12:00-12:00

Location London

Last week, we kicked off our first BioTalent Social event of 2023 in person with the fabulous team at OUTbio UK.  We hosted a panel discussion on ‘Creating LGBTQIA+ Workplaces in BioTech’ which tou...

Nov 30 2022 Womeninengineeringjourneytoleadership

Women in Engineering: The Journey to Leadership

Time 12:00-12:00

Yesterday our BioTalent Social community came together for, ‘Women in Engineering: The Journey to Leadership’ led by Shaun Robinson. We looked at why women only account for 13% of the engineering w...

Nov 08 2022 Bio Social Emc   November 2022 (1)

Forces to Pharma: Making the Leap from Military to Life Sciences

Time 12:00-12:00

​The recent acceleration of products, services, facilities and distribution channels within the life sciences have come at a ‘breakneck speed,’ (MedTechVets, 2021) providing opportunity for greater...

Oct 21 2022 Bio Talent Social Valerie 20th Oct (4)

Pharmacovigilance: in-house or outsource?

Time 06:00-08:00

Our BioTalent Social network joined us for our latest webinar, ‘Pharmacovigilance: in-house or outsource,’ hosted by our very own Valerie Kalna. The discussion explored factors associated with usin...

Sep 15 2022 Dataafutursticdiscussionvisual

Data: a futuristic discussion

Time 13:00-13:00

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), bioinformatics, cloud computing, and molecular computers have accelerated the creation of novel vaccines and drugs, providing a quicker, cheaper...

Jul 21 2022

Clinical in Switzerland: Start-up Bio vs. Pharma

Time 07:00-09:00

​On Thursday evening we hosted our recent BioTalent Social webinar ‘Clinical in Switzerland: Start-up VS Pharma.’​Led by Indya Lofthouse-Smith, the discussion delved into an array of topics and ins...

Mar 25 2022 July   Bt Webinar   Indya (1) Copy

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Time 06:00-08:00

​In celebration of International Women's Day, this Thursday join us for our 'Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Women in STEM' webinar led by our lovely Ayesha Tabbal and Ella Jobson.According to AAUW, ...

Mar 17 2022 March 16th   Bt Webinar

Developing a Career in Quality Within Life Sciences

Time 06:00-08:00

This week our BioTalent community came together for our ‘Developing a Career in Quality within life sciences’ webinar, hosted by our very own Quality specialist,Darren O'Connor, and panel of market...

Sep 23 2021 Copy Of 31st August   Bt Social Webinar

Women in Life Sciences: How Do We Close the Gender Gap in Leadership?

Time 07:00-09:00

Yesterday, we at BioTalent welcomed our community to join in on our webinar ‘Women in Life Sciences: How do we Close the Gender Gap in Leadership?where Christina Smith, Head of Data Science Search ...

Sep 01 2021 31st August   Bt Social Webinar

How Advancements in Technology are Impacting Medical Innovation

Time 07:00-09:00

​This week we held our fourth BioTalent Social webinar, ‘How Advancements in Technology are Impacting Medical Innovation’ with a panel of market-leading healthcare experts from a different medical ...

Jul 02 2021 Save The Date   July 1st

Pride in Life Sciences: Tolerance vs. Acceptance

Time 07:00-09:00

​Our BioTalent Social network joined us for a Pride-themed webinar session, ‘Pride in Life Sciences: Tolerance vs. Acceptance.’ We spoke about how the life sciences industry is either accepting or ...

May 20 2021 Bio Talent Social   May 6th

Is There Gender Bias in Data and Technology?

Time 07:00-09:00

​We bought together our BioTalent Social community together for our highly anticipated virtual panel discussion, ‘Is There Gender Bias in Data and Technology?’Prevalent themes included accurate rep...

Mar 18 2021 Bio Talent Social March 17th

The evolution of AI in healthcare

Time 06:00-08:00

We held our very first BioTalent Social webinar, ‘the evolution of AI in healthcare.’ The topics discussed by our panel included the gap between IT and biology, Claire Behar expressed how organisat...