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Medical & Drug Safety

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Whether it’s using scientific and clinical expertise to facilitate the flow of information in drug development, or it’s relying on pharmacovigilance to explore meaningful data and ensure efficacy of a new product, medical and drug safety play a critical role in the life sciences and the wellbeing of global humanity.Medical Affairs act as the interface between biotech/pharmaceutical companies and the wider medical community.

Using the perfect mix of deep industry knowledge, first-hand experience in hospital medicine, and a talent network with a global reach, BioTalent can find you a comprehensive recruitment solution in the medical and drug safety divisions. We provide both interim and permanent employment solutions across the broad range of areas that prove crucial in bringing a drug to market, including medical affairs, medical information, medical compliance and drug safety, and pharmacovigilance.

With experience in both the industry side and the client side of medical and drug safety, we appreciate just how complex recruitment, and how to develop the ideal solutions, the kind that always puts people first.


Medicine needs be closely regulated to support the safety and wellbeing of society. Without the role of medical compliance jobs, clinical safety jobs, pharmacovigilance recruitment, and a host of other drug safety roles, potentially life-saving medicine would never make it past the regulatory bodies.

The medical and drug safety divisions are instrumental in mitigating the risk that drugs can pose to patients, while significantly boosting their efficiency.

Typical Roles and Responsibilities in Medical and Drug Safety

· Medical Science Liaison (MSL)

· Medical Advisor

· Medical Director

· VP of Medical Affairs

· Pharmacovigilance Manager

· Pharmacovigilance Scientist

· Medical Information (Associate, Officer, Manager Leader)

· Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

· Drug Safety Manager

· Clinical Safety Coordinator

· Drug Safety Specialist

· Patient Safety Executive

· Medical Device Assessment Lead

· Clinical Trials (Associate, Officer, Manager Leader)

Melody Lam

Melody Lam

Associate Director - Life Science (US)

Elizabeth Bevan

Elizabeth Bevan

Head of BioTalent Miami - Commerical (US)

Mary Masters

Mary Masters

Associate Consultant (US)

Jeremy Burling

Jeremy Burling

Consultant - Med device (US)