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Data is intrinsic to the life sciences. Every company in the Life Sciences space has seen a monumental rise in the need for reliable data, a need that only increases as technology improves. From Biotech and CROs to Healthtech and Pharmaceutical companies, everyone is set to benefit from a data-rich future, provided they have the right people onboard. This is where we come in.

Here at BioTalent, we have specialist recruiters focussing on Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, data science, machine learning and AI, enabling us to take a knowledge-based approach to matching the top talent with the ideal opportunity. Our deep understanding of these markets and niches allows us to provide our clients with real value within the highly competitive data space.

Through our diverse network of partners and communities, we’re able to source talented data specialists that you will not find anywhere else. From stealth startups to global pharmaceutical giants, we’re poised to deliver unique solutions to equally unique clients.


Data can enrich every aspect of the life sciences, creating potential for a positive impact that spans the entire of the planet. Optimised data initiatives can lead to the faster development of life-saving drugs, diseases like cancer can be detected sooner, and testing can be completed sooner, restoring the strength of research budgets everywhere.

Data will continue to play a pivotal role in the technological advancements made in the life sciences. Companies that can implement a successful, scalable data strategy can retain their competitive edge and maximise their impact long into the future.

Typical Roles in Data Science and AI:

· Junior Data Scientist

· Senior Data scientist

· Associate life science analyst

· Insight Analyst

· AI Developer

· Senior Machine Learning Scientist

· Computational Biologist

· Biological Data Scientist

· Data Science Engineer

· Machine Learning Engineer

· Clinical Data Reviewer

· AI Lead Designer

· Bioinformatics Data Analyst

· Laboratory Analyst

· Clinical Statistician

· Business Analyst

Greg Hammond

Greg Hammond

Associate Director - Head of Biotech (US)