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BioTalent expands following acquisition by The IN Group

​We’re delighted to have expanded our global presence by becoming part of global talent solution provider The IN Group. The deal will combine The IN Group’s specialist recruitment arm Investigo’s l...

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Exploring Meaningful Allyship with Allison Jack

​​​‘Standing out in some way is part of the journey of life.’ In this episode of My Race in Science, we explored the infinite value of self-belief, mentoring, and meaningful allyship in the fight a...

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The Power Of Being Yourself With Dipesh Mistry Dhillon

The Power of Being Yourself with Dipesh Mistry-Dhillon

​​'You’re going to go through some hard times, but you’re going come out the other side.’ This episode of My Race in Science delves into the risks of ignoring changing terminology, the importance o...

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Women's Month   Meet Dora Amene   1

Women's Month: Meet Dora Amene

​​Happy International Women’s Day to our community! In line with this year’s ‘Embracing Equity’ theme, we caught up with the fabulous Dora Amene. Dora originally graduated from the University o...

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My Race In Life Sciences Yogesh Krishan Davé

My Race in Life Sciences: Yogesh Krishan Davé

​Yogesh’s career in pharma spans over 38 years and he has operated his own UK registered limited company for the past 12 years. All his formal education has all been in the United Kingdom and he is...

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Is Your Voice Heard As A Black Female In Industry

Is your voice heard as a Black female in industry? with Corryn Gardiner

​​Corryn Gardiner is a Director of her own Quality Assurance Consultancy who works with pharmaceutical companies to help with the set-up and/or ongoing maintenance and responsibilities relating to ...

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Bio Talent Insights Report   My Race In Science

BioTalent Insights Report: My Race in Science

​​​Built with fresh thoughts from the some of the most brilliant minds in the industry today, our latest insights report examines the critical role of diversity in the life sciences space, and what...

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Introducing Steve Fuller And Race In Stem

Introducing Steve Fuller and Race in STEM

​​Race in STEM is a global community of empowered people of colour in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics space. ​Our platform is a vessel for collaboration, a catalyst for career ...

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What's Happening in the Regulatory World?

Digital disruption has emerged as a megatrend over the last few years, influencing nearly every aspect of growth and development in the life sciences. It poses some significant challenges in the re...

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BioTalent's Commercial Market Snapshot - 2023

Business Development. Marketing. Sales. While change is guaranteed in most areas of the life sciences, demand for the commercialisation of new products will not relent. As the wider market twists a...

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BioTalent's U.S. Market Snapshot 2023

Despite a turbulent start to the year, funding activity in the US MedTech space has picked up, a trend that we expect to see continue in the coming months, particularly for SMEs focusing on softwar...

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Engineer Your Future: The Impact of Community on Career Progression

​It’s hard to imagine what limitless career potential looks like in action, especially if you’ve never had the chance to look outside your lane. A professional community can give you the means to n...

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Tips for Hiring Contractors in the Life Sciences

The life sciences have a long and storied history with the world of contract work ­– from the Brexit fallout to the IR35 conundrum (and the disproportionate impact of the pandemic), there’s no shor...

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Making the Leap to Contract Work in the Life Sciences

​You’ll find project-based work in abundance across the life sciences, naturally accompanied by an insatiable demand for contractors. High wages, flexibility, and clout (depending on the project) a...

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Navigating Talent Challenges in the ATMP Space

The Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) sector has risen from its niche status to emerge as one of the fastest-growing areas of the life sciences. With an estimated market value of $34.9 bil...

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Tips for Maintaining and Growing Your Professional Network

​Networking has never been so accessible. It doesn’t always make it easy, but it does mean that growing and maintaining a professional network, one that creates access to all kinds of opportunities...

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Tips to Help Build Your Resignation Confidence

Is there such a thing as a good resignation? Absolutely. Does it involve setting fire to bridges, metaphorically and maybe physically, depending on where you work? Absolutely not. A good resignatio...

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Tips on Managing Multiple Job Offers

Getting swamped by multiple job offers might seem like the dream scenario (especially if you’ve spent forever trying to get noticed), but it can put you in a tricky position when you’re not prepare...

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You've Conquered the Interview, Now What?

Congratulations on conquering the interview, you made it! The hardest part of the process might be over (depending on how you look at it), but the next steps aren’t completely out of your hands…yet...

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The Interview Fundamentals

​Interviewing is a skill, and just like any other skill, it can be perfected. That’s not to say it makes the process any less nerve-wracking at the time. A dose of nervous energy isn’t always a bad...

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