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The life sciences are home to many of the world’s most complex manufacturing processes, and for good reason – the safety and wellbeing of public health depends on it. Manufacturing and operations are fundamental elements in any product life cycle, and they need to keep evolving if they’re to meet the demands of the changing life-sciences landscape. Positive growth and change are driven by talent you can depend on. We know how hard it can be to find the perfect person for the role, which is why we pride ourselves on our ability to build and develop reliable, best-in-class manufacturing teams for our clients, and we take a people-led approach to make it happen.

By meticulously combining experience and knowledge with the depth of our talent network, our expert consultants focus on developing manufacturing talent in the pharmaceutical, Biotech, and medical device environments. We can match individual talent with company culture, allowing you to empower your new candidates to start their role with confidence and competence, all while they neatly fit in with your existing team members.

We have a proven track record in nurturing company hires along every stage of the recruitment process. From Chief Operating Officers to manufacturing staff working within GMP, we can find you a candidate that makes the world of positive difference.


Whether it’s creating vaccines or developing innovative new medical devices, manufacturing and operations professionals are no strangers to making a consistent, era-defining impact on the world.

At BioTalent, we know that hiring the right manufacturing specialist can be a crucial turning point in the lifecycle of any business. Our high-growth, people-first mindset allows us to source one-of-a-kind candidates that make an impact on both your business and the wider community.

There’s a great deal of responsibility on the shoulders of any manufacturing and operations specialist. Mistakes in this department can be costly, which is why we pride ourselves on our reliable, ‘right first time’ methodology, enabling you to put your mind at ease along every step of the hiring process.

Typical Roles and Responsibilities in Manufacturing and Operations:

· Chief Operating Officer (COO)

· VP of Operations

· VP of Manufacturing

· Head of Operations

· Operational Coach

· Operations Director

· Head of Manufacturing

· GMP Associate

· Capex Project Manager

· Production Manager

· Operations Manager

Greg Hammond

Greg Hammond

Associate Director - R&D (EU)

Jamie Brewer

Jamie Brewer

Manager - East Coast MedTech (US)