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Creating Inclusive LGBTQIA+ Workplaces

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08 February 2023 00:00-00:00 London

On February 8th, we’re teaming up with the wonderful OUTbio to find out what a better working world can look like for the LGBTQIA+ community in the life sciences and beyond.

Come and join us for our latest London networking initiative, where our expert panellists will be offering their insights on how to break the mould, challenge public perception, and embrace the beauty of an authentic, empowered workforce.

It’s time to uncover ways to support and empower LGBTIQIA+ folks in STEM, and to benefit from the diversity of thought needed to inspire innovation. What does it mean to attract, retain, and support LGBTQIA+ employees in the modern workplace? Why is there still a lack of true representation? We’ll be dissecting these questions, and so much more.

Our events are safe, no-judgement spaces for people from all backgrounds to learn, grow and share ideas – if you’re interested in forming meaningful connections with STEM’s thought leaders, we’d love to see you there.

Our panel will include:

  • Steve Fuller (he/him) - Host @ BioTalent Social

  • Tim Funnell (he/him) - Chair @ OUTbio

  • Cara Myers (she/her) - Director @ Equiris Consulting

  • Guillermo Tramontin (he/him)- Executive Search Specialist @ Cavenagh Health

  • Hayley Davis (she/her) - Associate Director @ Walter Cole International

  • Brian Lucksinger (he/him) - Director of Community and Special Projects @ Gaingels

Itinerary (GMT):

  • 6:00 - 6:30 PM: Networking and drinks

  • 6:30 - 7:30 PM: Panel discussion and live Q&A

  • 7:30 - 8:30 PM: Food, drinks and post-event networking

Steve Fuller (he/him)

A dynamic and open-minded thought leader, Steven Fuller is a passionate speaker, mentor, and advocate in the DEIB space, where he cultivates ideas, challenges companies on how to diversify their workforce, and builds meaningful connections with a range of communities. Steve is the Community Manager for Race in STEM, a global community network initiative that seeks to encourage, inspire, and platform people of colour in the world of STEM. Race in STEM explores individual journeys within the industry, delving into different social demographic groups to foster meaningful discussions about identity.

Tim Funnell (he/him)

Originally trained as a pharmacologist, Tim is a biotech investor and company builder. He was part of the founding team at Autolus, Gyroscope, Casma Therapeutics, MiroBio via his investing roles at Syncona and Third Rock Ventures and Oxford Sciences Innovation. He is now a London Partner of the transatlantic venture firm Monograph Capital where he has helped build Ascend and invest in AviadoBio and Maxion Therapeutics. Tim spent time in Boston where he first witnessed the benefits of an LGBTQ network for the biotech industry and wants to catalyse a similarly supportive environment in the UK.

Cara Myers (she/her)

Cara has 10 years of international experience working within the talent space across the UK, Europe, America and Asia. Her experience lies within high-growth environments, creating and executing people and diversity related strategies that align with business strategy to deliver sustainable growth and enable scale. Cara is passionate about building cultures that create a real sense of belonging for all employees, enabling employers to truly unlock the potential of their people and retain their top employees.

Guillermo Tramontin (he/him)

With a Master's degree in Cancer Immunotherapy and a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry, Guillermobegan his career as a Scientist at the Institut Pasteur, where he worked on vaccine and antibody development projects for solid tumours. Guillermo leads the R&D and Preclinical divisionat Cavenagh Health, an apatient-driven executive search firm specialising in building PE-backed biotech organizations in the US, UK, and Europe, working closely with the leading European VC firms to ensure successful partnerships and growth within their portfolio companies.

Hayley Davis (she/her)

Hayley is an Associate Director of the interim practice at Walker Cole and has over 15 years of experience in executive search and senior contracting. She holds a BSc from the University of Loughborough and has successfully supported clients in the FMCG and pharmaceutical industries across the UK, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Over the last 10 years, Hayley has specialized solely in the end-to-end supply chain function which has enabled her to form an extensive network of deep-rooted relationships within the industry. This, coupled with her international expertise, enables her to provide market-leading advice, guidance and screening to her clients and professional contacts.

Brian Lucksinger (he/him)

Brian Lucksinger is an LGBTQIA+ and DE&I-focused venture capitalist working as the Director of Community and Special Projects at Gaingels. With over $750 million AUM, Gaingels is amongst the largest investors in the world, aiming to deliver above-market returns consistently while increasing visibility, representation, and access for all underrepresented communities in the venture ecosystem. Brian has built a team of 10 at Gaingels focusing on Events, Marketing, Investor Relations, Portfolio Management, and the Gaingels Venture Inclusion Program. Brian was named one of Venture Capital Journal’s Rising Stars of Venture Capital for 2023.

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