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Engineering and CQV teams have a critical part to play in every area of the life sciences. From building new biopharma facilities to the validation of the latest medical devices, there’s always plenty to build, develop, and regulate when you work in a future-facing industry. The life sciences are highly regulated for a good reason – society’s collective wellbeing is on the line. CVQ and Engineering work in tandem to ensure that facilities, devices, equipment and products are developed to the highest possible standard, while maintaining peak efficiency and output at all times.

BioTalent’s specialist recruiters use an experienced, educated approach to delivering both interim and permanent hiring solutions in the Engineering and CQV specialisms. From biotech and healthtech to pharmaceutical startups and chemical organisations, we support clients operating across the entire scope of the life sciences. Engineering and CQV teams often need to take on a wealth of responsibility, so making sure you find the right candidate (and find them quickly) is essential to mission success.

Supported by our diversity-led, people-first approach to discovering top candidates, our unique talent network allows us to quickly and reliably fill job openings, (while making sure your new starter is a cultural fit) even when the role is as technically demanding as an Engineering or CQV position.


Inseparable from technological advancement, Engineering and CQV are positioned neatly at the cutting-edge of the life sciences. Not only does a great CQV function enable businesses to remain compliant as they build new products, but it informs the direction of the engineering process, directly affecting the way in which we discover new knowledge and fulfil the needs of a global society.

Typical Roles and Responsibilities in the Engineering and CQV:

· CQV Lead

· CQV Engineer

· C&Q Lead

· C&Q Engineer

· Validation Engineer

· Commissioning

· Verification

· Construction Manager

· Capital Project Manager

· Utilities Engineer

· Project Engineer

· HVAC Engineer

· BIM (Building Information Modelling)

· Facility Design

· Process Engineering

· FEED (Front End Engineering Design) Specialist

Ellis	Lentell

Ellis Lentell

Team Leader - Engineering & CQV (EU)