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Data: a futuristic discussion

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15 September 2022 00:00-00:00 Register for Event

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), bioinformatics, cloud computing, and molecular computers have accelerated the creation of novel vaccines and drugs, providing a quicker, cheaper and more effective drug discovery and production. Join us for our upcoming BioTalent social webinar, ‘Data: a futuristic discussion,’ on 15th September, which will be led by a panel of forward-thinking panellists offering fresh and topical insights into the field of data.

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Topics will include:

  • What exactly is machine learning (ML)/bioinformatics

  • The importance of ML within drug discovery

  • Use of current technology within bioinformatics

  • How ML and bioinformatics have evolved and accelerated

  • The future of ML and bioinformatics

We will be joined by a panel of industry-leading experts, who will include:

  • Arijit Patra - Senior Principal Scientist @ UCB

  • Benoit Bely - Team Lead @ Tropic Biosciences

  • Eleanor Fewings - Senior Bioinformatics Scientist @ Illumina

  • Srinivas Rana - Research Scientist

  • Eliz Huseyin - Host and Chair @ BioTalent Social

  • Arlana Graham - Host and Chair @ BioTalent Social

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