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Women in STEM: Breaking Biases and Celebrating Excellence

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22 February 2023 06:00-07:00

​We held our very first Race in STEM webinar, ‘Women in STEM: Combating Biases and Celebrating Excellence’ hosted by FounderSteven Fuller. We spoke about the challenges and biases women have historically faced in STEM, and how this has continued to trickle into today’s context. We also discussed the importance of celebrating women in STEM, and how in a world where you may feel unrepresented, having assurance and encouragement can support you with confidence and feeling like an ‘imposter.’ 

Key insights from the discussion included:

👩🏾‍🔬 Addressing the ‘leaky funnel’ 
💰 The pay divide: negotiate and challenge 
🔧 Value of transferable skills 
🌈 Importance of advocates and allies 
💭 Tall Poppy Syndrome and how this can impact women 
🎉 Why we need to continue to celebrate women 

Thank you,Archita Fritz,Ana Manzanares, PMP,Téa Romero, MPsy, MBAandMagali Koyo, for all your insights, and thank you to our fabulous audience for joining us and interacting with our live Q&A.

Missed the session? No worries – catch up on our Race in STEM YouTube channel now:

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