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Podcast #Episode 16 - Tackling the Gender Imbalance in Engineering With Lorraine LIU

Meet our next confirmed speaker, Lorraine Liu. 

Lorraine is the Global Competency Leader of Project Control Management and at the same time Manager of 13 Project Controls globally at DSM.  She is a CBC (China burn Canadian) and passionate about how things work since she was a kid, which might be an indication of her future career in the Engineering field. After obtaining her degree in Biotech Engineering and 2nd degree in International Economic Law, she clearly knows Engineering will be her career direction.  She is a multi-languages speaker, able to communicate in 4 different languages (Chinese, Japanese, English and German) which combine with her Engineering education background brings her on a continuous ex-pat journey in the field of Project management and Engineering. She works as Project Control Manager in multiple countries (China, US, Canada, Germany, Singapore) at multiple mega-investment(up to 5.2Billion EUR) CAPEX projects. With living more than 15 years in different countries, she is deeply aware of the value of diversity and inclusion and how different voices could bring the best outcome. She is currently living in the Netherlands and seeking her next journey in her career.