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Podcast Episode #3 - ‘Leading With Empathy’ With Michael Potts

​Lucy Eloise Neal and Sam Heron sat down with Michael Potts, an Experienced Manufacturing and Operations Director. Michael sees himself as an entrepreneur, with over 20 years’ experience in Pharmaceutical operations. He enjoys leading people, teams, departments and organisations to deliver excellence for the organisation and also for the individuals.

Michael has a democratic leadership style, which helps ensure that he is inclusive and well-balanced to effectively communicate throughout his organisation. The collective power of great Leadership, trust and collaboration as the norm, in order to work together towards a common goal – “people shape an organisation”. He reiterated the importance of continuous development and learning to be the best leader and remain prepared to disrupt and bring forward challenges; no great success is achieved without failure.

As we approach the new ‘normal’ – Mike touches on the importance of the health sector and how adaptable and innovative the frontline operations have been operating in order to innovate solutions to problems. Compassion has become critical during the current crisis, and understanding the needs of your team is a fundamental strategy to improve morale, enhance your teams wellbeing and enabling the team to stay connected in times of uncertainty. If you are looking to improve your leadership style – lead with empathy.