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Highly regulated industries call for highly talented regulatory teams, and in an area as complex as the life sciences, this couldn’t be more apparent. If businesses want to sharpen their competitive edge in the world of life sciences, they’ll need a reliable regulatory function to ensure success, remain compliant, and maintain the gold standard along the way. From the testing of new medical devices to the development of pesticides and medicines, a regulatory function is vital for battling uncertain futures, protecting businesses, and safeguarding patients everywhere.

At BioTalent, our expert regulatory team can support you and your company at every stage of the recruitment process. Through our unparalleled technical knowledge of the regulatory function, and the sheer depth of our candidate network, our consultants are able to match top-tier talent with the ideal opportunity. Whether it’s clinical trials applications, the registration of medicines and devices globally, post-marketing maintenance, surveillance, CMC dossiers, labelling and regulatory operations, or all of the above, we can deliver you a recruitment solution to depend on.


Regulatory affairs are pivotal in bringing life-changing medicines and devices to new markets, all of which contribute towards protecting the integrity of public health. The world’s unmet medical needs can’t be hindered by slow drug development times, red tape and unoptimized environments, and it’s the job of regulatory affairs to make sure this is the case.

The safety and effectiveness of modern drugs and equipment, and therefore, the wellbeing of society, are dependent on the adeptness of regulatory affairs, no matter the scope and size of the company in question.

Typical Roles and Responsibilities in Regulatory:

· Regulatory Affairs Officer (Associate, Executive, Senior Affairs Officer, Senior Executive, Director)

· Regulatory Affairs Advisor

· Regulatory Affairs Specialist

· Regulatory Affairs Project Manager

· VP of Regulatory Affairs

· Regulatory Affairs Team Leader

· Head of Regulatory Affairs

· Chemical Compliance Associate

· Regulatory Affairs Executive Director

· Regulatory Affairs Consultant

· Regulatory Affairs Labelling Manager

· Regulatory Affairs Submission Specialist

· Outcomes Researcher

Daniel Boyce

Daniel Boyce

Senior Consultant - Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Cameron Cyker

Cameron Cyker

Senior Consultant - Med device (US)

Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett

Manager – R&D Engineering, Quality & Regulatory (US)