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​Clinical Operations and Development aren’t just fundamental aspects of the drug discovery process – they’re crucial to the life sciences as a whole. For companies to ensure that only the safest and most efficient forms of treatment ever make it to the market, they need the expertise, the insight, and the dependability of a clinical operations function.

From start-up to close-out, our highly experienced consultants can take a people-first, evidence-based approach to supporting our clients. Our passionate team is well-trained on the importance of therapeutic areas, clinical trial phases and geographic location, allowing us to deliver meaningful recruitment solutions at every stage of the clinical trials process. We understand that the modern clinical development process is extremely complex, and every role contributes towards mitigating uncertainty, reducing time-to-market rates and creating effective new products while meeting compliancy regulations.

We’re equipped with the expertise, experience and connections to provide custom hiring solutions at every aspect of the clinical development process, from clinical trials assistants all the way through to medical and non-medical senior/executive roles. Whether you’re after a talented executive to build your next clinical development strategy, or you need a principal medical scientist to slot seamlessly into your ongoing project, we’re here to deliver you a dependable hiring solution.

BioTalent provides both permanent and interim recruitment solutions in clinical operations, (clinical trials I-IV) and clinical development across the UK, Europe and the US, and we do it all with a unique diversity-led methodology. Through our many partnerships with pharma/biopharma, biotech and CROs, we’ve created a community that finds and fosters the top clinical talent around.


Clinical operations and development roles are among the fastest growing jobs in research, and when combined with the huge importance they represent to wider society, they can make for exceptionally exciting and dynamic choices in the modern working world. If there are no clinical teams, there’s no room for new research, and no way to develop new drugs to target society’s unmet medical needs.

Clinical teams everywhere are directly responsible for the planning, development and distribution of life-saving drugs and medical devices. As technology evolves and clinical trials become even more complex, the demand for talented clinical professionals only rises. Using an incredibly versatile skillset, clinical professionals are able to work quickly and precisely in one of the most important and impactful areas of the life sciences.

Typical Roles and Responsibilities in Clinical:

· Clinical Trial Assistant

· Clinical Research Associate

· Clinical Trial Manager

· Clinical Project Manager

· Clinical Project Director

· Associate Director of Clinical Operations

· Director of Clinical Operations

· Clinical Research Physician

· Clinical Program Manager

· Clinical Development Director

· Medical Director of Clinical Development

· Head of Clinical Development

· VP of Clinical Development

· Chief Medical Officer