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Clinical Diversity Webinar

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26 March 2024 15:00-16:00 Online

We’re excited to invite you to join our thought-provoking discussion where we address the topic of diversity within clinical trials. 

We have brought together 4 leading voices in this field to provide their unique insight, covering topics such as; the current barriers preventing those of minority groups participating in trials, discussing themes such as; language, representation and community engagement. We also touch upon how data plays a role and what the statistics currently tell us. 

This insightful session will provide actionable advice on how we can actively engage with diverse communities to improve participation in clinical trials ensuring positive outcomes for all involved. 

This is a panel session hosted by Race In Stem’s Founder and Director Steve Fuller, where there will be an opportunity for him to ask questions from those watching at the end of the session. 

Please note this webinar is being held on Tuesday 26th March at 11am EDT and 3pm GMT.

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Meet our panelists...

Barry Holmes Jr: Vice President of Strategy and Development at Genisis Medical Research Group

Barry brings a diverse set of skills to the problem of diversity in clinical trials, combining both extensive experience in the industry with personal experiences navigating the healthcare system, Barry has the drive and knowledge to affect change in the industry. 

Téa Romero: Director, Alliance Management at Scout 

Téa specializes in face-to-face, virtual, and hybrid clinical meeting planning, patient payment, travel, and logistics support, as well as virtual collaboration and education. 

Michael W Young: Principal & Founder at biomedwoRx 

Michael’s company provides global Go2Market services to the contract research, biotech, pharma, & biomedical community (specifically between the Clinical and Marketing area). Engaged in projects designed to optimize revenue, strategic alliance collaboration, market adoption curves, and life-cycle opportunities for pre-market products and mature brands in the biotech, device, and e-commerce arenas. With extensive work in the hematology and immunocompromised patient arena. 

Tiffany Ashton: Director of Operations at ClinEssentials 

Tiffany is an industry leader operating at the intersection of Clinical Research, training, and innovation to combine efficiency and smart solutions that enable Clinical Research Professionals to confidently thrive and improve the productivity and quality of services they deliver.

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