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Episode 16: The quest for continual learning: a conversation with Dr John Ndikum

In the latest Race in STEM podcast, Steven Fuller, global community manager, sat down with Dr. John Ndikum to talk making a difference, breaking through barriers and finding the right voices which resonate with you as an individual.

Dr John Ndikum is an author, educator, pharmaceutical physician, clinical researcher, and currently, medical affairs professional based in the UK. Although he’s achieved so much, one of the most striking things about him is his humility and desire for continual learning.

“I do remember being in a hospital with my dad when I was about three years old in Cameroon and while we were waiting, we were seeing these people in white coats. I remember turning round to my dad and saying, ‘Who are those people, why are they wearing lab coats?’ ‘Those are doctors, John.’ I said, ‘Wow, what do they do?’ He said, ‘They help people.’ And I said, ‘I want to do that when I grow up.’”

After going to medical school at Bart’s, John was a doctor in the NHS for around seven years before completing his master’s in public health at Yale University. He worked in clinical trials before moving into medical affairs. As a senior medical affairs manager, he’s involved in pre-paunch strategy and planning, strategic insight gathering and HCP engagement, collaborative working and cross-functional education.

Listen to the complete conversation to hear more about his fascinating personal and professional journey, in which a desire to help others, through the many insights and experiences he’s gained along the way, has been a defining characteristic.