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Episode 21: From hoops to healthcare: the eclectic career journey of Zahir Carrington

The latest Race in STEM podcast saw global community manager Steven Fuller chat to Zahir Carrington, a medical tech sales professional based in the US.

Growing up in Philadelphia, a strong family dynamic has been a key foundation of Zahir’s life from an early age. “I grew up in a very big family, a very close family. If you messed with one of us, you messed with all of us. If I think about some of the values that we had as kids, early on it was always to watch out and look out for each other as cousins, being the oldest of two younger brothers.” But most importantly of all, “I was always surrounded by a lot of love from all these people as well.”

Zahir’s enjoyed a varied career, which started as a professional basketball player. But despite his natural talent for sport, his parents would only allow him to get involved in extracurricular activities if he was doing well at school. Everything had to be based on strong educational foundations.

“I remember vividly my dad standing over me at the kitchen table as I’m practising my penmanship and cursive handwriting which you don’t even use anymore, but they were so dialled into ensuring that we had all the necessary schools to be taken seriously in the world and to be in a better situation. I hated it as a kid, I couldn’t stand it as a kid, but I really, really appreciate it now.” That academic grounding proved to be crucial in paving the way for his future success.

Listen to the complete conversation to hear more about the importance of family in Zahir’s career, how he became a successful account manager for a global pharmaceutical company, and how hard work and commitment have allowed him to make the most of life’s varied opportunities.