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Recap: Webinar #1 - The Evolution of AI in Healthcare

On Wednesday evening, we held our very first BioTalent Social webinar, ‘the evolution of AI in healthcare.’

The topics discussed by our panel included the gap between IT and biology, Claire Behar expressed how organisations need to bridge this gap by finding a ‘common language,’ where different experts can work together and collaborate effectively. We also spoke about the power of AI, and its ability to potentially predict a pandemic. Our panel concluded while predicting is impossible, AI can certainly provide early protection and surveillance.

Our poll results concluded that moral and ethical implications, regulatory implications and concerns about data privacy are key potential barriers for the future of AI in healthcare. Furthermore, a considerable 77% of our audience believed a faster, more accurate diagnosis was the main advantage for using advanced computers/robotics with AI for healthcare. 9% of our audience deemed it to be the ease and accessibility of healthcare information, and the remaining 14% felt as though it provided advanced solutions, improved treatment recommendations and provided an easy analysis of results.

We’d like to thank our fantastic panel for all their thought-provoking views and insights, as well as our lively audience, many of whom joined us for our virtual networking session. Missed the webinar? No worries - watch the video footage below.