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Episode 22: Shaping the future of tech: lessons from the Dublin Tech Summit

The Dublin Tech Summit took place on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th May at the RDS, bringing together global leaders in innovation, technology and business to shape the future of global trends. Among them were founder of Race in STEM Steven Fuller and C-suite engagement director for The IN Group, Natalie Whittlesey.

In our latest podcast, Nat discusses how being at one of Europe’s leading tech festivals was a key learning experience: “I have to talk to a lot of really interesting tech leaders and I have to keep myself well informed, make sure I know what’s going on, what the leading trends are in tech, data, digital.” She gives her first-hand perspective on the three fascinating talks she attended at the summit, covering:

  • The robots are here – With Ireland at the forefront of the robotics and machine learning revolution, how are companies successfully leveraging AI?

  • Using tech and AI during times of political crisis – With the UK and US general elections coming up, how could tech potentially be used for the purpose of disinformation? How can tech advancements help, but also hinder, the relationship between the state and citizens?

  • Return on investment of DEI, hosted by our very own Steven Fuller – How return on investment can manifest in financial performance, staff retention and customer satisfaction – but DEI needs to be embedded in the heart of a business with commitment from the top, rather than a tick box exercise or a sentence on a website.

Listen to the full conversation to learn more about this year’s Dublin Tech Summit and the big trends shaping the tech market.