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Episode 18 - Where north meets south: Netra Macon shares her geographical and personal journey

​The latest Race In STEM podcast saw our global community manager Steven Fuller catch up with Netra Macon, an HR professional within the life sciences healthcare sector, based in New York.

Being exposed to different lifestyles, cultures and communities from an early age has helped to shape Netra into the openminded individual she is today. Just as her upbringing was geographically polarised – she was born in North Carolina but grew up in New York – her experience of school before second grade could not have contrasted more with her experience from second grade onwards. Having attended a nursery school where the children were predominantly of colour, she suddenly found herself in a new school among only a handful of minority children.

“The school I attended up until second grade closed suddenly and then I had to go to a school that was predominantly white, and it was a handful of us minorities and I was the only black kid in the class. So that was an experience that was very unique and different, and as a child you don’t know if it’s because it’s just a new school. That point of reference of colour and race was just not part of the conversation.”

Growing up, HR wasn’t a career path she could have foreseen: “I did not wake up one day deciding I want to be an HR professional. I had no idea what that meant.” In fact, she had planned to be a journalist. Now a global people lead and board advisor who forges talent strategies, instigates DEI initiatives and connects people at all levels, she’s certainly exceeded her own expectations.

Listen to the complete conversation to hear more about Netra’s remarkable personal journey – one where she’s learned that we should avoid putting each other in boxes, and appreciate that we all show up in different ways before we can have effective discussions about culture and people.