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Tips on Managing Multiple Job Offers

Getting swamped by multiple job offers might seem like the dream scenario (especially if you’ve spent forever trying to get noticed), but it can put you in a tricky position when you’re not prepared.

To help you avoid getting dragged in a dozen different directions, feeling guilty, regretting your choice, and all the other horrible outcomes, we’ve compiled a list of our top offer-management tips.

Having to choose between multiple job offers is among the nicer problems you’ll encounter as a job seeker, and in most cases, it puts you in a strong position that allows room for serious leverage.

You’re Allowed to Think About It

Don’t feel pressured into saying yes to your first offer. You’re allowed to think about it, even if you’re getting frantic calls from hiring managers. You might not have forever to think about it, but you don’t have to say yes on the spot – remember to maintain a positive dialogue with any prospective employer (burning bridges you may need to retreat over later isn’t the best idea).

Instead of saying, ‘I’m not sure if I want the role,’ take the more tactful approach and respond with something like, ‘Thank you very much for the offer, would you be able to send me through a breakdown and I will get back to you tomorrow?’ Remember to get specific about your response times!

  • It's worth noting that a verbal offer is legally binding in the UK, but it’s best to get the written offer through as quickly as possible.  

Look at the Long-Term Growth Potential

Every job is different, even in highly technical roles with similar responsibilities, tools, regulations, and processes. No two cultures are completely alike, and you must consider the entire package carefully before you accept an offer.

Opting for the highest wage or the most prestigious title can be tempting, but what do the long-term prospects look like? Is there growth potential? Is the culture inclusive, supportive, and aligned with your values? Did you get a good vibe? The vibe check is underrated.

Be Transparent

It’s okay to let your prospective employer know you’re receiving offers elsewhere, they likely suspect it already, particularly in a space like the life sciences where top talent is snapped up at lightspeed.

Multiple job offers grant you more sway, in theory. A tabled offer gives you some wiggle room when it comes to salary negotiation, provided you don’t frame it too explicitly – no using ultimatums!

Again, it’s important to think about the full package. A company might not be able to outbid your other offers, but they could offer you access to development opportunities, exciting work, and a more desirable culture.

Be Wary of the Counteroffer

Counteroffers are crafty. They can be alluring, but if you’re leaving a job because of a rotten culture, a salary increase alone won’t be a long-term solution.

Be wary of the counteroffer, not just because we’re recruiters and we have to say that, but because they have a remarkably long list of drawbacks, both for you and the company in question. It’s tempting to take the familiar, but leaping out of the comfort zone tends to yield the best results.

Talk About It

What do you really want from a career? The life sciences are bursting with opportunities of all shapes and sizes, making it tough to choose your next step.

If you want to have a chat about it, the BioTalent team are here to help. We’re always up for making meaningful new connections and supporting someone’s career growth (we love life sciences too), so if you want to reach out, you can find us here. If you’d prefer to talk to me directly, send me a message on LinkedIn here.