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Are Candidates Turning Down Your Offers? Your Employer Brand Could be the Solution

In a worst-case scenario, your ideal candidate eclipses the competition, sails through the interview stage, expresses their desire to join your company, and turns down the job offer. This frustrating phenomenon is (unfortunately) par for the course in the recruitment world, but when it’s happening frequently, something’s not working. It could be your employer brand.

Reputation is revealing. A Glassdoor study revealed that 84% of job seekers say a company’s reputation matters, labelling the era as one of ‘unprecedented transparency.’ Access to information has never been easier – it’s good news for those with a sturdy employer brand, and awful for those without.

As organisations across the life sciences vie for talent, demand is sky-high. Competing for the best on the market means standing out (in the right way). Here are some tips on how to build a better reputation.

Respond to Your Reviews

Whether they’re good, bad, or somewhere in between, reviews are there to be seen, and so are your responses. Responding to reviews allows you to show potential candidates that you care about what people have to say.

The best responses can even turn negative reviews into positive outcomes for your business. Is a disgruntled employee leaving a bad review? You’ve got the chance to address their pain points and showcase your active approach to problem-solving.

Streamline Your Interview Process

Is your interview process infinitely long? Word of a terrible candidate experience gets around quickly, potentially hindering your chances of attracting talent in the future. Specialist recruiters are equipped to help you mitigate this and improve your end-to-end process, so make sure to leverage their skill sets.

On the other side of the coin, a streamlined recruitment process is an enticing prospect for a candidate, particularly one who wants to get started as soon as possible (speed being a critical advantage in the recruitment space). Communication is the bedrock of a good process, so remember to keep an open dialogue with your candidate.

Build a Personal Brand

Candidates are doing their due diligence. They will likely scope out your hiring managers and team members online, and if they do, what kind of personal brands are they going to find? Strong personal brands not only distinguish your people as thought leaders in their field, but they can illuminate your company culture.

In many ways, employee personal brands are far more representative of a business than the overarching company brand.

Leverage the Power of Events

There is no shortage of incredible communities and events in the life sciences. At BioTalent, we know the power that a strong community has in the recruitment space. It creates access to opportunities for underrepresented individuals, drives equity in the life sciences, enriches brand footprints and establishes safe spaces for highly engaged talent (It’s partly why we established the Race in STEM community).

Leverage the power of events to get involved with the wider industry and make your presence known in your niche. It’s a great way to meet potential clients, candidates, investors, and even business partners that might have otherwise been invisible to you.

As diversity-led recruitment specialists, we’re invested in our community network. If you need help with any aspect of the hiring process, reach out to the team today – we have the network, the people, and the passion needed to nurture change makers.