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Beyond the Lab: Opportunities in the Life Sciences

​Life sciences careers are by no means limited to the lab. There’s a wealth of roles and responsibilities out there, and plenty of professionals prefer to take their work elsewhere, granting them the opportunity to flex a different kind of skillset.

Plus, many people who kickstart a career in the laboratory ditch the white coat for a completely new environment.

From sales and marketing to technical writing and regulatory affairs, there are avenues to explore your love for the life sciences, it’s just a matter of finding out what works for you. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Product Manufacturing

If you’d rather take your life sciences skillset to the world of manufacturing and engineering, then you might be in luck. There are hundreds of great roles in this sector that don’t involve lab work, like process managers, safety inspectors, and product development scientists.

In the life sciences (and most other industries) manufacturing processes tend to be highly complex, requiring the skills of a versatile and diverse team. While this work can command a high base salary, it’s not the only reward.

Product manufacturing in the life sciences plays an essential role in the protection of humanity’s wellbeing.

Policy Writing

The life sciences are home to some particularly stringent rules and regulations, for obvious reasons, and in order to navigate these regulations, dependable and comprehensive policies must be put in place.

An experienced life sciences professional could find a chance to make some incredibly impactful differences in a role as a policy writer.

Technical writing of any kind is a highly competitive field, and those with a science background are likely to stand out in the crowd.

Pharma Sales

Pharmaceutical sales jobs are competitive, dynamic, and hugely rewarding. Sales reps often get the chance to travel around the world to meet with a huge array of clients, a far cry from the four walls of the laboratory.

Moreover, the sales world is a popular and fairly easy field of work to transition into, particularly if you’re coming from a technical background.

To stay competitive in an intense environment, an expert knowledge of the products and the markets they serve is essential.

Business Analysis

Business is booming in the life sciences, and it represents the perfect opportunity for the analytically minded to thrive as change-makers.

Business analysis transform the shape of the industry as we know it know it, leaning on a versatile skillset that involves building processes, implementing new strategies, collaborating with stakeholders, leading projects, and leveraging data and research to make the most impactful decisions in the industry.

If you’re currently searching for a life sciences job of your own (in or out of the laboratory environment) BioTalent are here to help. As a highly specialised life sciences recruitment agency, we’ve got a wealth of experience in finding meaningful work for people all over the world.

If you want to find out more about our people, our diversity-led hiring methodology or our global talent network, reach out to the team today, we can help you find your calling in the life sciences.