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Recap: Webinar #7 - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

​In celebration of International Women's Day, this Thursday join us for our 'Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Women in STEM' webinar led by our lovely Ayesha Tabbal and Ella Jobson.

According to AAUW, women make up only 28% of the workforce in STEM. This number is even lower when we look into management, with Big Rentz reporting that only 19% of STEM company board members being women and a shocking 3% being CEO’s.

The good news is that this number is rising. Big Rentz also reports that the number of women in STEM board positions rose by 18% in 2020, and women’s enrolment in STEM university courses rises about 6% annually. In celebration of International Women’s Day we hosted an empowering webinar with 6 market leading women to discuss  ‘Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Women in STEM'.

The discussion was led by the fabulous Ayesha Tabbal and Ella Jobson, who touched upon the  experiences of imposter syndrome in education and employment, the importance for male allyship, tips on how to reprogramme the habit of self-doubt and validate feelings, and  how to get the right mindset to overcome and combat imposter syndrome.

Our panel:

  • Ayesha Tabbal - Host and Chair at BioTalent

  • Ella Jobson - Host and Chair at BioTalent

  • Shweta Patel - Director Medical Affairs at Orexo

  • Dr Katere (Adeseko) Pourseied - Pyschologist at University of Northampton

  • Amy Freear - Software Engineer at Fundamental VR

  • Donna Connew - VP Head of Quality at Paion AG

Did you miss the discussion? We’ve got you covered, play catchup and watch the video footage here: