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International Women’s Day: An Interview With Eliza Dornbush

​Eliza Dornbush received her degree in biochemistry from Occidental College, she also dove into coursework in mathematics, economics, environmental policy, gender studies, and even art history – be...

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Recapwebinar The Evolution Of Ai In Healthcare

Recap: Webinar #1 - The Evolution of AI in Healthcare

​On Wednesday evening, we held our very first BioTalent Social webinar, ‘the evolution of AI in healthcare.’The topics discussed by our panel included the gap between IT and biology, Claire Behar e...

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Ai And Drug Discovery An Exciting Story Of Growth Innovation Change

AI and Drug Discovery: An Exciting Story of Growth, Innovation & Change

​As an AI recruitment specialist, I am passionate about the positives of AI to aid effective pharmacological solutions across the field of human need – from diagnosing disease, therapeutic interven...

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Women’s Month An Interview With Heather Wells

Women’s Month: An Interview With Heather Wells

Heather Wells started in the industry as the one and only Clinical Data Manager in Bayer (UK) within three years, she was managing a team of 19 Data Managers including CRF Design staff and programm...

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