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Podcast Episode #2 - Each for Equal

​To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, Lucy Eloise Neal and Sam Heron sat down with Sanne Marie Løkke Olsen. Sanne is a Business Unit Leader at Thermo Fisher Scientific. 

Sanne grew up a mother who worked in pharmaceutical and met one of her inspirational friends – who researched molecules to fight cancer and discover new cures for diseases, which ignited her passion and desire to follow in her scientific footsteps. 

Sanne’s aim throughout her career is to distinguish the best solution for the patient, having a patient safety focus as her ultimate focus. Sanne has worked all over the world, from Russia, Vietnam, and China to the US, Denmark, and currently the UK. Sanne has experienced different cultures that have enabled her to develop new ways of thinking and her overall leadership style. 

Sanne was the first woman in her engineering department and discussed the importance of being put out of your comfort zone and trusting your instinct; allowing these challenges to shape you into a strong and resilient individual. From role models such as the inspirational Madame Curie, a polish scientist tackling cancer with research to how we can overcome unconscious bias and achieve equality in the Life Sciences industry. 

Together we can build a people-friendly planet, close the employment gap and promote equality. Join us and celebrate the achievements of women. Have a listen here: