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From the Hospital to Medical Recruitment Agency: Experiencing Both Sides of the Fence

​Throughout my life I have aligned myself with science and healthcare. Was it a choice, an active decision, what my parents wanted or something I fell into? Reflecting on my career I am unable think of one pivotal moment, but I am glad and fortunate to be where I am today.

I studied BioMedical Science at The University of Sheffield, which served as a platform to train as a Physician Associate at St Georges Medical School London, learning all aspects of the human condition and how to diagnose, treat and manage patients. My technical skills and bedside manner were often commended especially in my fondest role within Breast Cancer Surgery. Being able to follow the patient journey from initial consultation, examination, investigation through to assisting in surgery, treatment and aftercare was incredibly rewarding. It was there that I had most interaction with Medical Representatives from the pharmaceutical industry that would present new and innovative medicines and devices with the upmost technical knowledge and expertise.

At a cross point in my career I hung up my surgical gloves and was presented with an opportunity to head up the Medical Affairs/Information team at BioTalent where I have been able to combine my scientific and healthcare life experience to build up an appreciation for the careers that can develop within the pharmaceutical industry. Having a high level of understanding for the medical field has positioned me well to develop and build relationships across the industry from Start-Ups to Big Pharma.

But what makes BioTalent different? All life science recruitment firms have selling points after all, but it is the unique selling points that set us apart from the average. I have been fortunate to have been brought in to a progressive and forward-thinking business that is always striving for and achieving excellence. The team has been built on a solid foundation of trust, integrity, passion, collaboration, and innovation – bringing together years of top-level life sciences recruitment experience and an innovative approach to recruitment that is both refreshing and personable. We have industry experts come in to teach/share insights into the daily life within their role, we have our very own podcast series where we interview life sciences industry professionals, and we host a number of charity events throughout the year donating proceeds to our selected charitable partners. It has led to a number of awards that we are proud to showcase including:

  • Best Recruitment Company to Work for (£20M to £50M) 2020

  • RIDI (Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative) 100 Partner

  • Global Recruiter of the Year Award 2019

  • Investors in People Gold Certified until 2022

  • APSCo D&I 2019 winner

These accolades do not come without hard work and commitment to our mission - ‘to build diversity, create inclusion and encourage workplace innovation.’

So, was it a good move for me you ask? Absolutely - It all started with a conversation to network and open that door. What I have reflected on, is that making that first move or transition to a new industry is the most difficult and none more so than into pharmaceuticals. A big pointer would be to do what you can to set yourself apart in a very competitive environment. Treat every conversation, every process, and every interview as a learning point to build your profile as it will add to your development and get you where you want to be. Think about this and make connections with the people that will help you with where you want to go. It all starts with a conversation. Where will your next conversation take you?

If you’re hoping to have a conversation with a medical recruitment agency about potential roles and opportunities – I’m always available for a confidential chat at