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Meet our People: An Interview with Senior Consultant, Louise Cleland

What is it like to work at BioTalent? We caught up with Louise Cleland, Senior Consultant, to discuss her career growth and job highlights.
How did you get started at BioTalent?
For about six months during the pandemic, I had been actively searching for a job in the recruitment industry. After interviewing with several companies, I finally discovered Trinnovo Group, which includes BioTalent. What stood out to me about this organisation was the opportunity to work across a diverse range of industries. As someone with a particular interest in life sciences, I was drawn to the prospect of pursuing this field. I felt persistent in achieving this. 
In my conversations with other companies, I didn't feel a strong connection or positive energy during the interviews. The atmosphere seemed intense, and I sensed that the work environment could be competitive and cut-throat.
What drew you to apply?
One thing that really caught my attention was the emphasis on diversity and inclusion, which was a unique feature I had not encountered in my previous job search.
I was also drawn to the growth opportunities available within the company. It was important to me to work for an organisation where I could continuously develop and progress in my career. The strength of the company's life sciences division further piqued my interest, as it was an area that was rapidly expanding, and I was eager to be a part of that growth.
During the interview process, I was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming and conversational atmosphere. It was the first time I had experienced such a relaxed and friendly interview, which put me at ease and made me feel comfortable.
In what ways has enabled BioTalent your career growth?
I have been with the company for nearly two years now, having started as a trainee with no prior experience in recruitment. I was fortunate to participate in the Fast Futures Programme, which provided me with the necessary training to progress from a Trainee to a Senior and soon to be a Principal. My growth within the company is a testament to the support and opportunities available to employees.
At our company, we have the autonomy to take charge of our own desk and pursue our passions, especially in niche areas of markets. This is something that is actively encouraged, and it has allowed me to focus on what I am most passionate about.
One of the standout features of our company is the regular visits from industry experts who provide us with hands-on training and insights into our markets. This has been instrumental in expanding my knowledge of medical devices, RA, and QA. It has also enabled us to stand out in a highly competitive market.
Why do you like working for BioTalent?
Diversity and inclusion are topics that I am incredibly passionate about, and it's evident how this translates into my work. The supportive and nurturing environment of the company has played a significant role in this.
The entire team is like a family, and we are all friends who enjoy hanging out outside of work. Being able to be ourselves without fear of judgment has been a crucial factor for me. I appreciate that if I have an idea for an event or a conference that will expand my knowledge and benefit my work, it is actively encouraged.
Working with such fantastic people has enabled me to grow tremendously as a person, and I am more confident in my abilities. Learning from some of the best in the industry has been an invaluable experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside them.
What advice would you give to anyone considering a career at BioTalent?
At our company, we believe in embracing your unique self and not feeling the need to change anything about yourself. This approach is actively encouraged as it fosters an environment where everyone can be their authentic selves.
It's essential to embrace every opportunity that comes your way, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. I have grown so much since starting with the company and am now much more confident in my abilities. I would encourage everyone to embrace discomfort as it can lead to incredible growth and opportunities to thrive.
Would you like to work alongside Louise and the team? Find out more about working for BioTalent and the wider Trinnovo Group. You can also get in touch with our in-house talent lead, Rachel Gallaher at