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Women's Month: Meet Usha Rengaraju

​To celebrate women's month, we will be sharing some of our inspirational community members here at Race in STEM.

Meet Usha Rengaraju. Usha currently heads the data science research at Exa Protocol and she is the World’s first women triple Kaggle Grandmaster. She specializes in Deep Learning and Probabilistic Graphical Models and was also one of the judges of Tiger Graph “Graph for all - Million Dollar Challenge” in 2022 and the judge for Intel oneAPI Hackathon organized by Intel software in 2022.

She is ranked as top ten Data Scientists in India for the year 2020 by Analytics India Magazine, ranked as the top ten women data scientists by Analytics Insight magazine for 2021 and also ranked as the top 150 AI Leaders and Influencers by 3AI magazine.

She organized NeuroAI which is India’s first-ever research symposium on the interface of Neuroscience and Data Science. She also organized the Neurodiversity India Summit which is India’s first-ever conference in Neurodiversity.

She is one of the winners of “ML in Action” competition organized by the ML Developer programs team at Google and her team won first place in WiDS 2022 Datathon organized by Stanford University. She is also the winner of Kaggle ML Research spotlight for 2022 and winner of TensorFlow Community Spotlight 2023.