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Women's Month: Meet Tamara Herceg

To celebrate women's month, we will be sharing some of our inspirational community members here at BioTalent.

Meet Tamara Herceg. Tamara initially studied at University of Rijeka, Faculty of Economics, Croatia. She then started her drug safety journey in Clinical Hospital, Center Zagreb, and that experience inspired her to pursue a career in healthcare. Tamara had great leaders on this journey who motivated and inspired her, while simultaneously learning a great deal. 

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is ‘Embracing Equity,’ and we were keen to hear Tamara’s thoughts on how we can create an equitable space at work.

‘For me, an equitable space is one where everyone is treated fairly, with dignity, respect and have equal opportunities. Individuals from diverse backgrounds are recognized for their perspectives, contributions and their differences are welcomed and not ignored.'