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Meet Our People: Jogesh Bowry

What’s it like to work at BioTalent? We caught up with the incredible Jogesh Bowry, senior recruitment consultant and Bioprocessing, MSAT, and CMC specialist here at BioTalent. Jogesh supports companies across the ATMP, Biopharmaceutical, and cellular agricultural markets through the EU and the UK, where he delivers tailor-made talent solutions via retained, contingent, exclusive and executive searches.

How did you get started at BioTalent?

I would often hear BioTalent’s name brought up on the positions I was resourcing for, particularly from companies that held their processes in high regard. Giving recruitment a good name is something that’s quite important to me, so hearing that from organisations I admired helped build up that interest.

I also knew Greg Hammond, BioTalent’s Associate Director, from working with him at a previous company, and I knew that he was culturally aligned with my values – it can be difficult to know which companies have a positive culture, and knowing that Greg embodies one made BioTalent an enticing prospect.

What drew you to apply?

Knowing that there were high standards and a positive working environment, combined with the positive feedback I’d heard on both a professional level and a personal level from clients.

That balance resonated with me, and it was good to see a business operating at the top end of the spectrum for both of that criteria.

In what ways has enabled BioTalent your career growth?

One of the main ways BioTalent has enabled my career growth is by allowing me to focus on my values and what’s important to me; a good process, good service to clients, quality over quantity, a deeper level of screening, and building lasting relationships.

Alongside that, there’s a lot of opportunity for input and innovation. I’ve had quite a few ideas that I’ve been given the space to run with and develop. If I want to try something new or I see something exciting in the market, I have the freedom to explore and learn new lessons and skills along the way, exploring areas that might not necessarily be within the remit of a typical recruiter’s role.