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Download Our Free White Paper, ‘How Advancements in Technology Are Impacting Medical Innovation.’

​Check out our latest FREE white paper, 'How Advancements in Technology are Impacting Medical Innovation,' featuring insights from Pari Gaikwad, Aditya Khosla and Maria O’Callaghan. 

The discussion explored regulations and standards impacting innovation, AI skillsets driving health to new heights of success and the challenges in digital product development. We also explored the future in technology and addressed the oncoming challenges that healthcare faces.  

Key findings included: 

  • The importance of regulation in healthcare innovation  

  • Digital product development: ask questions and focus on unmet needs  

  • When validating AI, consider biases in the data  

  • COVID-19 has accelerated digital healthcare  

  • Technology innovation is solving healthcare challenges – and it is not slowing down 

Download the full white paper now.