DevOps Engineer

Posted 26 January 2023
Contact NameRomy Rowland

Job description

Meet the Team | EntiaDevOps Engineer – Central London Office
At Entia we believe time is our most valuable resource. We help improve the experience and outcomes of cancer treatment by building medical devices that enable treatment from cancer patients' homes.

We are backed by some of the UK’s leading investors and are working with globally recognised healthcare providers.

We're looking for individuals who can deeply understand our users and advocate their needs, working as part of a collaborative, multidisciplinary team striving to make a real difference to the world.

Key Responsibilities
  • Building and setting up development tools and infrastructure
  • Working closely with software developers to ensure that development follows established processes and works as intended
  • Automation and improvement of the development and release processes
  • Identifying technical problems and developing fixes for them
  • Ensuring that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats
  • Maintaining and supporting infrastructure for production environments

Must Haves
  • Proficient skills in AWS (ECS) in combination with IaC(Pulumi/Terraform)
  • Use of Containers using Docker
  • Experience in setting up and running production environment for the live application
  • Excellent team working and communication skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Good attention to detail
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills and the ability to work on multiple projects concurrently with big picture thinking
  • Experience working with Agile methodology
  • Knowledge of software development and documentation practices
  • Experience with Logging, Monitoring and Alerting systems such as Datadog

Nice to Have
  • Experience in programming languages, preferably Python
  • Experience with the following web stack:
  • PostgreSQL
  • Django
  • GraphQL
  • Using Gitlab CI/CD
  • Experience with Pulumi
  • Experience with SAST/DAST, CSPM and other security tools
  • Knowledge of OWASP Top Ten and other security advisories and implement good practices
  • Previous experience of having worked in a startup environment

What Entia can offer you
  • You’ll have responsibility for the deployment of a system that connects cancer patients with doctors, giving cancer patients more time at home and less time in hospitals
  • The chance to be involved in the creation and improvement of systems, processes and culture with far-reaching impact
  • A flexible and fun work environment filled with passionate and extremely capable people
  • We value learning, so using prototyping / experimental designs to create valuable knowledge and understanding for your team mates, and develop your own devops skill, is an important part of your role
  • You’ll be the devops expert within the company and are able to guide the company in the solution that is adopted
  • The Company operates with multifunctional teams, with an opportunity to work within a diverse set of projects/skill sets/technologies