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Bioprocessing & MSAT

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The biopharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. Thanks in part to the wonders of technological advancement, countless scientific breakthroughs, and the sheer scope of the industry’s positive impact. Bioprocessing is an essential part of the development and manufacture of biopharmaceutical products, the same products that are used to treat a vast number of diseases today. Enabled by MSAT, the principles of Bioprocessing can be applied to many exciting new industries, including cell and gene therapy, cultivated meats Bio-Renewables and Biofuels.

BioTalent have a wealth of experience in hiring for this discipline. Whether you’re looking for the best scientific minds to hit the ground running on your early-stage development process, or you need a permanent placement to guide your GMP system to success, we’ve got the knowledge necessary to find your perfect candidate. Our consultants are equipped with a granular understanding of the life sciences, and a passion for putting people first. Whatever your bioprocessing and MSAT needs are, we can find you a custom-fit solution.


Bioprocessing has irrevocably changed some of the world’s biggest and most impactful industries, including food and pharmaceuticals. Biopharmaceutical drugs are now found in the majority of medical divisions, and it’s rising popularity is a testament to its potential for creating cures. From innovative biofuel to the cure for hepatitis C, bioprocessing and MSAT are the catalysts behind real, meaningful change, the kind that shapes the future.

Typical Roles and Responsibilities in Bioprocessing and MSAT:

· Technologist

· Bio Technologist

· Scientist

· Senior Scientist

· Principal Scientist

· Process Development Scientist

· MSAT Scientist

· VP of Development

· Purification

· Upstream Process Development (USP)

· Downstream Process Development (DSP)

· New Product Introduction (NPI)

· New Product Development (NPD)

· Chemistry Manufacture and Control Specialist

· Technical Transfer (Tech Transfer)

· Process Specialist

· Automation Scientist


· VP of Development

· Director

 Jogesh Bowry

Jogesh Bowry

Recruitment Consultant - EU

Georgette Shiels

Georgette Shiels

Recruitment Consultant

Greg Hammond

Greg Hammond

Associate Director | R&D, Data Science and Tech Ops 

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Natasha Cole

QA Candidate Engagement Team Leader