Time for a change?

We understand that it can be frustrating receiving countless emails and calls from recruiters offering you jobs that don’t match your skillset or aspirations. We also understand that while some people are looking for permanent opportunities, others are looking for a temporary contract—different individuals have different goals at different times. At BioTalent, we want to change the game. 

Why BioTalent?

The industry knowledge and passion of our consultants is what sets BioTalent apart. By working with us, you’ll experience the full benefit of working with engaged, passionate industry experts rather than just broad recruiters who work on a huge range of roles across multiple sectors: Our consultants are trained by industry experts and attend seminars and conferences on an ongoing basis so that they’re constantly on top of what’s at the leading edge of their area of expertise. Knowledge is key: We want you to feel confident that our consultants will truly understand what you want from your next position.

We have two key aims: to find and secure your dream job, and to make the process as straightforward as possible for you. We want to change the game by making it an enjoyable and rewarding experience working with us. 

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    Not wasting your time

    No email marketing campaigns, no mass texts, no irrelevant jobs, and ultimately no more wasted time. We believe a tailored approach unique to each individual provides the best level of customer service and consistently positive outcomes.

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    Knowing the market

    You will find a knowledgeable industry thought leader that only works in your market place. Our market knowledge provides invaluable information such as salary benchmarking, industry news, company changes and access to exclusive positions enabling you to get one step ahead in your search. 

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    Taking time to understand you

    We make sure we take the time to understand what makes each of our candidates tick: In a preliminary conversation, we’ll discuss your career path, aspirations, and likes and dislikes in detail. We’ll also be there to help you out on a host of factors, from advising on promotion and pay prospects in your current job to helping you secure your dream job elsewhere.

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    Being honest

    We place honesty at the heart of our values, so we’ll only ever give you advice that is in your best interests. As members of APSCo we always operate with integrity, compliance and are at the forefront of employment law and industry best practice to offer you a stress-free, ethical, and compliant recruitment solution

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    Providing you with tailored advice

    We want to help you secure your dream job or assignment, and we’ll do this by providing you with tailored advice. We’ll be there for you from the start of the process, from helping you to make your profile stand out to conducting a mock interview to giving you advice and support around handing in your notice.

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    Finding exclusive opportunities

    Most of our opportunities can’t be found on job boards or company websites, and we pride ourselves on finding jobs and assignments tailored to your needs and desires.