Webinar #4 - How Advancements in Technology are Impacting Medical Innovation
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Webinar #4 - How Advancements in Technology are Impacting Medical Innovation

Technological innovation has seen exponential changes throughout the years and reshaped medicine.


There has been an increase in modern software tools being developed, improvements in AI and Machine Learning, the complex innovations in embedded systems and a continuously evolving world of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Each of these groundbreaking technologies has made a drastic impact in the world of Medicine.

Surgical robots are saving thousands of lives and helping perform critical surgery. AI algorithms are being used to identify disease, drug prediction and clinical trials. Companies are utilizing AR/VR to test different systems, robots and medical devices. All of this comes down to advancements in technology, enabling the creation of more innovative products, changing attitudes and allowing more efficient patient care to the ever-increasing demands.

Join us on August 31st for our next forward-thinking BioTalent Social panel discussion, you can expect a conversation led by market-leading healthcare experts on how advancements in technology are impacting medical innovation. RSVP here.

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